DUI Laws and You

DUI laws can be very deceptive to work with. In fact, the question of is DUI a felony comes up quite often. There are facts that determine whether or not your DUI is a felony. They include how many times you have been caught doing this, level of blood alcohol and if someone is injured. These are the items that will be taken to determine the charges. And these criteria will differ from state to state so the question cannot be truly answered unless you talk to an attorney.

Each state will have its own answer to “is DUI a Felony?” The DUI laws as stated previously will differ from each state. Some states do have a zero tolerance level for either kind of offense and lump the two together. It is often better to consult a lawyer as to which offense you will have to face. They are the ones able to inform you about the circumstances for misdemeanor or felony.

A lay person cannot tell you which one you could face. They can only recommend on what they know. The laws change from state to state and municipality to municipality.

“Is DUI a felony” could be in certain cases answered with a definitive yes. In other cases it would be an answer of no. DUI laws change over time. If you find yourself being in that particular position like this, you should talk to an attorney to see what you could actually face as far as charges go when it comes to DUI. When it comes to DUI and driving under the influence, several factors are going to play out as to which of the charges you will get. A misdemeanor in effect is less serious than felony charges.

You can be sure that if you have an accident with bodily harm or death with DUI, then  “Is DUI a felony” would be answered as a yes answer.

DUI laws can be most strict on the issues of felonies. Something that you should do is research the laws where you live. If you do not live in the US, your countries laws may be different than United States law, and you should consult an advocate to see what the law says.

When it comes to DUI laws, there are some databases online that can give you some indication about the laws. This answers “Is DUI a felony” question in a yes or no answer. Different states have different statutes to work with. It is also going to be dependent on whether or not you receive a Federal offense for this. Federal laws deal with DUI in a different fashion than city and state will. Many variables will be considered when you are ticketed or arrested for DUI. A lawyer is the best person to consult with about charges pending. They have the legal knowledge of what the system will define as DUI and what defines a felony of this sort. They will also representing you from wrongly being charged with DUI.

There is no single answer to the question Is DUI a felony. DUI laws collectively refer to the rules and regulations pertaining to DUI. To know about DUI please contact a lawyer by clicking on the links.